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We  accept  appointment  reservations  on  the  telephone,  Social  Media  or  in  our  nail  salon.

We   reserve   the   right   to   reject   your   appointments   entirely   at   our   own   discretion. Reasons   for   rejecting   your   appointment   include,   but   are   not   limited   to,   previous instance( s) of no shows, repeated instances of lateness, abusive behaviour in the salon towards  customers  and  technicians.

If you arrive late for your appointment, we reserve the right to take any of the following actions:

1. We will  perform  the  service  as  booked  in  the  late  start  time.

2. We will perform a shorter version  of  the  booked  service  if  our  technicians  are booked back  to  back.

3. We will perform no  service  and  we  reserve  the  right  to  charge  you  a  non- refundable deposit  on  future  bookings.

4. We  will  re- arrange  your  service  for  another  date  and  time.

In the case of late arrivals, we will decide  what  action  to  take  from  the  above  l ist entirely  at  our  own  discretion  taking  into  account  all  the  information  we  have  including, but not l imited to, duration of lateness, reason for lateness, how  often  instances  of lateness have occurred, whether our technicians are booked back  to  back,  whether  a similar shorter service exists, whether we were given warning from the customer of the upcoming  late  arrival.

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