Cloud Video Monitoring System Provider

You’ll always be in complete control.

Scale with Simplicity

Add more devices and sites without complicating the user experience.

Single Pane of Glass Monitoring

Gain actionable insights with information integrated across devices.

Access Anywhere

Remotely access and manage your sites from any browser or device.

Secure by Default

Verkada’s solution is secure out of the box, featuring end-to-end data encryption.


Security was top of mind when designing Verkada. That’s why we redesigned video security infrastructure, and built a system that’s secure from the ground up.

Hardware Security

30+ days of video securely encrypted on solid state storage

Encrypted at rest

AES 128

Network Security

Video feeds, thumbnails, firmware updates, and settings securely transmitted between cloud and device

Encrypted at rest

AES 128, TLS v1.2

Cloud Security

Archived videos, thumbnails, user history, audit logs securely stored in AWS

Encrypted at rest

AES 256

Application Security

2-factor authentication, RBAC, SAML / SSO integration provides secure access across platforms

Encrypted at rest

AES 128, TLS v1.2