Closed-circuit television or better known as CCTV is a video camera used to transmit a signal. It monitors the interior and exterior of a property to a specific location and on a limited set of monitors. Surveillance of the public using a CCTV camera is extremely common around the world.

In Today’s time, CCTV cameras are very necessary to ensure the safety of your business and residential property. It Offers you that extra peace of mind leaving the impression that there is always an extra pair of eyes taking care of your property. Thieves or Burglars do not like places with CCTV camera

So, let’s look at what are the types of CCTV cameras that can be installed by you for your safety.

Face Detection Camera:

As the name suggests Face detection camera are able to detect the presence of a human face in the frame. They can do that due to a highly advanced algorithm that detects the shape of human faces and acquires the facial features in real time. Face recognition makes it easier to track down thieves, burglars and trespassers and will protect your business or property. VB

Human Vehicle Detection Camera:

It is based on traditional motion detection but with advanced algorithms and technology, which can tell people and vehicles from other objects. Due to this technology recorded videos can be segmented by human activities, moving cars or other motion events. This makes making it easier to find the most important video footage during a day’s recording  

Active Deterrence Camera:

Active deterrence cameras can warn the owner about the trespassers or intruders immediately with a light and siren. Its importance lies in the fact that it immediately warns you about the intruders that are trying to enter in your property and thus, minimizing any chances of stealing or damage to your property

Human Tracking Camera:

As the name suggests Human Tracking camera, can distinguish between human movements from other objects.  A human tracking camera helps in preventing false alarms by sensing human movement. This cuts down false alarms which may be caused by certain movements within a room or changes in lighting conditions, rain, snow, insects, etc.

Fish Eye Camera:

A fisheye Camera uses an extremely wide-angle lens to capture a viewing range of 180 degrees or 360 Degrees. Fisheye cameras provide better situational awareness to reduce potential blind spots. It increases your coverage range without having to install additional cameras.  

Thermal Camera:

Thermographic cameras creates an image using infrared radiation, The created image represents the temperature of the object. These types of cameras are useful for identifying heat sources in very dark or otherwise obscured environments. the thermal imaging camera is such an invention that offers better surveillance capabilities, thereby providing improved security to a home, office, or industrial establishment.

License Plate capture Cameras:

License plate capture camera performs optical character recognition on images to read license plates effectively. These types of cameras are used by police forces all over the world to detect crime. One of the biggest plus of License plate capture cameras is that they are very cost-efficient despite being highly accurate.

Gun Shot Detectors:

A gunshot detector system is a system that detects and conveys the location of gunfire or other fire weapons using acoustic, vibration, optical or other types of sensors. Gun Shot detection has been proven quite useful in controlling various crimes. 


In this article, we have why it is necessary for you to have CCTV cameras installed on your property.  We also explored various types of CCTV cameras and understood how they can be useful to you according to your needs.

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