VBTronics: Company Profile

VBTronics happens to be one of the leading installers, designers, and maintainers of products such as security video surveillance camera systems, audio/video solutions, digital signage, time attendance access systems, keyless entry systems (fingerprint, RFID or radio frequency identification, face detection, and mobile base), network products and Wi-Fi solutions, video door phone (intercom) systems, two-way radio communication, and voice and data projects. As an organization, it believes in offering customized security solutions that are procured from the top brands in the industry.

It wants everyone it is working with to have a safer tomorrow. This is why it is always looking to make every business and home a safe place.

The categories of products
offered by VBTronics

The products offered by VBTronics may be categorized into the following groups:

CCTV (closed-circuit television surveillance)

metal detectors

POS (point-of-sale) camera solutions

intercom systems

networking products

access control

PBX (private branch exchange) IP (internet protocol) phone systems


Helping you stay secure

As part of its commitment to helping you stay safe at all times VBTronics designs, installs, and maintains different types of cameras used for security surveillance work. Apart from that, it offers you a wide range of security equipment that is customized as per your requirements in this regard.

Its rental services

VBTronics offers security equipment rental services for a wide array of clients such as schools, construction sites, offices, and events, to name a few. It offers rental services for long periods as well along with the services that are necessary for such agreements.

Where does VBTronics work?

The base of the organization’s operations is Chicago, Illinois. However, it works in the areas surrounding Chicago too.

Its video monitoring work

The organization also specializes in offering private video monitoring services to various business projects. This makes them safe from criminal acts such as theft and vandalism.

Its installation works

As we may have indicated already, the organization installs different kinds of electronic and automated safety equipment. The work in this case is done as per the requirements of the customers.


Not for nothing is VBTronics regarded today as the leading name in the USA for security, IoT (internet of things), and IT product distribution and solution provider of security and electronic systems. This is something that the organization takes great pleasure in introducing themselves as – and justifiably so, it must be added as well.

Its exceptional workforce

It is said that one of the reasons why a company becomes successful – no matter what the domain is – is because of the quality of the people who are working for it. This perfectly explains why VBTronics sits atop the security surveillance industry in Illinois right now. The IT (information technology) and security professionals working for it have years of experience in the industry – 20 plus, to be precise. The company was founded in 2016 and ever since it has risen to the top. Based out of Rolling Meadows in Illinois the services of VBTronics can now be availed of all around the USA (United States of America).

Success Projects

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