Intercom System

You’ll always be in complete control.

Always know exactly who you open the door for!

Hearing is good. Seeing is safer. Taking an unmistakable close look beats asking “who is it?” every time. A video Intercom system provides a significant gain in terms of both security and convenience over conventional systems.

Axis - 2N Intercom System

Why compromise? Demand secure, stylish and reliable communication that’s totally future-proof.

2N are market leaders that develop the best in modern IP intercoms. Find out how we can give your next project exactly what it needs – no matter how demanding….

For each and every project

Luxury finish or durable high-security units, modular or single-button intercom systems, surface or flush-mounted intercoms – at 2N, we have it all!

Integrate without limits

We’ve rigorously documented the integration process of 2N products with systems offered by over 200 manufacturers

Multifunctional devices

Combine audio/video intercoms and an access reader in a single device.

Be totally cyber-secure

HTTPS, IEEE 802.1x, SIPS, SRTP: A secure video intercom device must have all these protocols, and 2N has them too

Rely on true innovators

Collaborate with the company that launched the world’s first IP outdoor intercom.

Modernise your project’s access control

Choose an IP video intercom system over analogue alternatives – they offer a larger range of modern features vital for today’s market

No need for SIP servers

IP door intercoms work as standalone devices and support direct SIP calls.

European quality

All our products are designed and manufactured in Europe by highly skilled developers with a passion for their craft – using premium materials and tested rigorously. How else would we provide you with such advanced solutions?

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