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VBTronics happens to be one of the leading installers, designers, and maintainers of products such as security video surveillance camera systems, audio/video solutions, digital signage, time attendance access systems, keyless entry systems (fingerprint, RFID or radio frequency identification, face detection, and mobile base), network products and Wi-Fi solutions, video door phone (intercom) systems, two-way radio communication, and voice and data projects. As an organization, it believes in offering customized security solutions that are procured from the top brands in the industry.

It wants everyone it is working with to have a safer tomorrow. This is why it is always looking to make every business and home a safe place.

We provide custom
security solutions
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Areas of Expertise

Office automation tools

IOT Devices

POS Solutions

Wifi solutions

Networking Solutions

Intrusion detection systems

Security camera systems (CCTV)

Video wall solutions

Two-way radio equipment

Keyless entry systems

Audio/video solutions

Automation systems

Metal detectors

Retail theft solutions

Audio/video accessorie


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