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Access Control Systems are the combinations of different devices and tools that help you to secure your home from unauthorized activities whether from windows, a door, or another exterior part of your home. 

It protects access to your home. Installing access controlling systems help you to protect your home from unauthorized access to your building or home and reduces criminal activity. 

You should have an access control system installed in your office because allows you to make your place safe, save money, and make life easier for your employees. So, are you looking to install an access control system for your home or office? Then you might want to know different types of access control systems.

Access Control Systems are the combinations of different devices and tools that help you to secure your home from unauthorized activities whether from windows, a door, or another exterior part of your home. 

What are the Types of Different Access Control Systems?

When thinking about installing a access control system, there are various types available in the market. Let’s uncover each of them. This will help you to ease your decision.

1. Fingerprint Access Control System

It’s a type of access control system that provides access when his/her fingerprint matches in the database. Using fingerprint access control system, you create a template of fingerprint scanner for each person you want give authorization. For example, when a person want to enter in your office, they need to put their finger on fingerprint reader. Then the door gets opens if the fingerprint get matches.

2. Face recognition Access Control System

With the use of face recognition access control system, you use face recognition technology to give access of your office. Installing face recognition technology your employees easily get access to the workplace by avoiding any fraud. Face recognition use AI algorithms to convert image of face into a co-ordinates, which then is useful to match a face with database.

3. Retina Access Control System

Retinal scan devices are considered as highest security type of device. Retina scan devices usually functions as biometric authentication. As person place their eyes in front of retina scan devices and that device passes unperceived beam of low-engery infrared light into person’s eye. If a person’s retina maps within the database, then its grant access. Generally, retina scan devices are used to secure the physical access applications that requires highly level of security. 

4. RFID Access Control System

A RFID acs is type of system that validates the resident’s credential with the key card. This card contains the unique identification information that is called a tag. In this system your key card uses RFID technology to verify credential and provides authentication to you. RFID refers to Radio Frequency Identification. The core part is RFID enables wireless technology to communicate between reader device and RFID tag. 

5. MIFARE Access Control System

This MIFARE access control system works on encryption keys and prevents data access if keys doesn’t match. Your MIFARE card and reader device matches mutually and then authentication gets processed. It is one of famous, strong and fast storing data and contactless access providing system. MIFARE cards are secure and most important in transit programs. 

6. QR Code Access Control System

QR code access control systems are the one of the efficient and cost effective system to use. QR code scanning allows your employees or users to get access to available things in the office. Installing QR code allows you to track and note down the access records of your employees. QR code control systems works with QR code reader. You get the more secured and controlled environment as you want withing your office premises. It is secured, cost-effective, and most accurate access control system to install and maintain in your organization.

7. Bluetooth Access Control System

Bluetooth is one of most known and ideal technology for contactless access control and door entry. With bluetooth technology, one with installed app in its mobile device utilises wireless transmission of access passwords using Bluetooth reader.

8. HID Access Control

HID access controls are known as proximity cards that uses the RFID technology. These cards are used to gain access of shopping mall doors, home door, and hotel rooms, and office doors. Majorly HID access controls are used to open doors. Installing HID access control systems allows you to improve your employee’s convenience and enhances security. This access control system is used as a mobile device that allows you to grant access to doors, networks, services and more.

9. Temperature Measurement Access Control System

With the advancement in the technology, enhance your security of office and avoid dieases transmission with temperature measurement access control system. It is created to detect the high-fever monitoring in crowd gatherings within milliseconds. It uses the thermographic detection camera and captures its facial recognition, temperature and mask verification. While in the COVID like situations, installing such access control systems allows you safeguard your employees and office from getting infected.

Conclusion :

So, we have learned about the access control systems and its types. Furthermore, we understood each of them and knew its importance. Installing access control systems allows you to enhance your premises. 

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